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We value our partnership with schools across America. MCJROTC is at its essence a Leadership Education Program meant solely to develop character and citizenship. Although a comprehensive learning environment anchored in a military structure is not for all students, there is a body of defendable academic knowledge that clearly articulates the significant benefit to those that choose to participate. Our curriculum was the first to be nationally accredited under CITA/SACS and is directly linked to National Standards. Responding to local challenges, MCJROTC Programs can be implemented in any one of several configurations to include a traditional model, cluster, school within a school, and stand alone academy. In an environment of fiscal challenges, many School Districts find a cooperative relationship attractive allowing them to provide curricular options at a significantly lower cost.



Since its inception in 1916, the JROTC program has been viewed as a strong program that provides youth with much-needed skills in citizenship and leadership. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that students who participate in JROTC programs have better attendance, grades, and graduation rates relative to students who were in general academic programs. Principals and school administrators also maintain positive attitudes toward JROTC because these programs:

      ~ Motivate students to learn
      ~ Foster a disciplined and constructive learning environment
      ~ Instill essential skills like time organization, responsibility, goal setting,

         and teamwork



Marine Corps JROTC cadets participate in numerous activities, including:

  • Color Guard

  • Drill Team

  • Field Trips

  • Marksmanship

  • Community Service



The criteria for determining eligibility to participate in MCJROTC are:

  1. High school enrollment

  2. Citizenship

  3. Physical fitness


High School Enrollment

In order to participate in MCJROTC, you must be enrolled in and attending a regular course of instruction in a high school where a MCJROTC unit is located. You may not attend one high school and participate in the MCJROTC program of another high school


Students enrolled in the MCJROTC program must be in one of the following three citizenship categories:

1. Citizens of the United States
2. Nationals of the United States

3. Aliens lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence


Physical Fitness

Participation in the MCJROTC also requires that students meet health and physical standards. The Semper Fit Fitness Program is the MCJROTC physical fitness program conducted throughout the school year. Cadets must have current school physical evaluations certifying that they are physically fit for participation in the program. The Semper Fit Fitness program focuses on more than just the physical fitness training aspect; it also provides wellness training to include good nutrition and stress reduction.

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